Monday, 4 March 2013

Ganga Ishanya Pune

The Ganga Ishanya Project is yet another dream come true of the Goel Ganga Developers in the heart of Pune. With a huge number of high rises being constructed all over the city, buyers have become choosier and compare with many other residential complexes before finally buying one. Ganga Ishanya is one of luxurious residential areas at Kharadi in Pune. Ganga Ishanya Pune Sprawled over an area of more than 6 acres, Ganga Ishanya attract buyers by their lavish and moderns style of building, The Ganga Ishanya Project launched by the Goel Ganga Developers is a perfect blend of comfort and modern style. GANGA ISHANYA KHARADI PUNE Apart from all its lavishness and luxurious look and feel, what is drawing more and more buyers is the convenient and high profile Ganga Ishanya Location. The apartments at Kharadi located in the eastern half of Pune stand overlooking the vibrant Pune Satara road. Residents of Ishanya find it very convenient as the airport is only a 10 minute drive away. The Ishanya project is elegantly constructed and its stands proudly with all its luxurious and various modern amnesties. Ganga Ishanya Project Ishanya is located in a peaceful locality behind the Shankar Maharaj Math of Pune and is highly recommended for the calm and peaceful life away from the cacophony of the bursting city. Moreover, Ganga Ishanya Pune is easily accessible from various other directions]. It is only 3 kilometers from Ishanya to the Mumbai-Bengaluru bypass and 4.5 kilometers to MG Road. While people look for modern flats with luxurious fasciitis, one thing that bothers them is the location of the flats. Mostly the high rises being constructed on the outskirts of the city and even though the residents possess their own cars they find it difficult to reach various place as its takes a lot of time. Ganga Ishanya So even after shelling out quite a huge amount of money, they can enjoy the comforts and luxuries of the flats but they are not fully satisfies with the transport facilities. But if you buy a Ganga Ishanya Flat, this problem of transport will not arise as the apartments are located in a very convenient zone. Even the market yard is within 3.5 km from Ishanya and the Bharti Vidyapith lies about 1.5 kilometers from the complex. The apartments will provide the residents both peace and security. It is expected that the suitable location of Ishanya will make the flats more demanding to the present day buyers who are very much particular and careful while investing their money.